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The New BurstSMS
The Easy way to Manage SMS Campaigns
The New BurstSMS Known has developed a new much simpler to use version of BurstSMS. We have also reduced the SMS cost to a very low 7.9c per message. The site is very fast and easy to use, it also sends SMS to many countries around the world. Try it now.
LINK: http://www.burstsms.com
New Baulderstone Website Launches
Fully Custom Groundbreaking CMS and Website
New Baulderstone Website Launches Baulderstone wanted a way to show its wealth of experience and broad range of projects by setting up a database of its current a past projects. The site was developed in PHP and MySQL to be fast and reliable. The CMS and site was coded from scratch. The automated design elements such as image blurring were coded into the site.
LINK: http://www.baulderstone.com
Call to Action Based URL Shortener
more-info.mobi Using action based URL's in text messages or on twitter you can cut down on characters in your call to action so that the URL itself is the call to action.
LINK: http://blog.known.com.au/2009/06/more-infomobi.html
BeamMe.Info Relaunch
Add a Mobile Sharing Button to your Website
BeamMe.Info Relaunch Known has been working hard on the redevelopment of BeamMe.Info. The original build was very heavy with a lot of unnecessary functionality and systems. Known was tasked with the complete redevelopment from the ground up to create a fast, streamlined experience.
LINK: http://www.beamme.info